It is our work, purpose, and passion to build beautiful and functional space. We are people, creating space for people, through healthy partnerships.

All effort is focused on what is most valuable to our clients: purposeful planning and efficient production.

  • — Project planning
  • — Phased projects
  • — Bare land development
  • — Architectural construction
  • — Pre-fab construction
  • — Remote projects
  • — Energy efficient buildings
  • — Alternative energy systems

Positivity and professionalism underpin our approach to achieving a high-quality product and a pleasant process getting there.

Plying advanced project management and expert craftsmanship, we strive to bring peace and prosperity to all people inhabiting a little piece of our planet.


In our actions, in everything we say and everything we build, we commit to being constructive; to always moving things forward in a positive direction for all. On the horizon of our pursuit of progress remain the ideals of sustainability, harmony, and beauty.


Qualities paint our ineffable experience, unique to us all like our thumbprint. Even quality which is unseen is felt. And that quality we feel is what we aim to create in both service and design. We take on only a select number of projects at any given time to ensure this is so.


Trust is built on a foundation of transparency. This openness and honesty makes for positive and productive relationships.


Building is an act of creating our future. While we push the envelope technically and creatively so that we may leave the world a better place, we also take concrete steps to manage the risk inherent in doing something new.


Building projects are ultimately social enterprises. Designed and built by people, for people, communication is the cornerstone of their success. We realize the potential of projects by mandating communication be: Productive, positive, appropriately detailed, concise, kind, honest, and timely.


We rely on our built environment to sustain our life. But if this comes at the expense of our natural environment, then our building will be counter-productive in the long term. We believe it’s both possible and necessary to create harmony in both built and natural environments.


JP Markes B.Eng

Marrying the creativity of design and the pragmatism of project delivery, JP brings owners comfort and confidence in the face of complex undertakings. Years of hands-on experience in mechanical design engineering and carpentry have borne an intimate intuition of the felt experience of our built environment. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

Here’s what people had to say about us

Working with JP was a pleasure. He took the time to really understand what were looking for and was instrumental in making it happen. Having complete information and expert advice at every step helped us make big decisions with confidence.


JP has completely taken the pain out of our house build as our owner rep—we are big fans

Andrew Wilkinson

Co-founder of Tiny and Chairman of WeCommerce

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